Electronics Recycling Unplugged 2018

September 25, 2018
8:00 AM
Free (no services charges)
Plus Service Charges
September 26, 2018
8:00 AM
Free (no services charges)
Plus Service Charges

Event Details

Tuesday, September 25 and Wednesday, September 26
8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Verizon Arena VIP Parking Lot on

East Washington Avenue in North Little Rock

(For residents, schools, non-profits, governments and businesses in Pulaski County only)

Unneeded, broken or obsolete.
If it’s electronic, unplug it and drop it off.
We’ll recycle it for FREE!

Do recycling right. But make sure you bring the right stuff. Here is a list of the categories of electronic equipment and counter-top appliances you can bring to the Verizon Arena parking lot collection center:

Computers and Accessories
∙ CRT Monitors 
∙ LCD Displays 
∙ CPUs 
∙ Laptops 
∙ Servers 
∙ Switches
∙ UPS Systems
∙ Wires and Cables 
∙ Keyboards and Mice 
∙ Speakers
∙ Hard Drives (all hard drives will be securely destroyed)

Audio/Video Equipment 
∙ Televisions
∙ Radios
∙ DVD Players
∙ VCRs
∙ Stereos
∙ Camcorders
∙ Cameras
∙ Radios
∙ Game Systems 

Handheld Devices 
∙ Cell Phones and other Mobile Devices 
∙ Pagers
∙ PDAs
∙ Two-Way Radios 

Office Equipment
∙ Fax Machines 
∙ Copiers
∙ Printers and Scanners 
∙ Surge Protectors 
∙ Telephones
∙ Electric Typewriters
∙ Electric Adding Machines 

Small Household Appliances 
∙ Microwaves
∙ Coffee Makers
∙ Toasters
∙ Hair Dryers
∙ Vacuum Cleaners

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