In an effort to continue to enhance customer experience and promote health and safety, Simmons Bank Arena will immediately become cashless and only accept cards or mobile payments for in-venue purchases at our concession and merchandise stands.  This action not only limits contact, but with a recent software upgrade, will expedite lines.

The Simmons Bank Arena box office will continue to accept cash for purchasing tickets.  The new policy will go into effect immediately and will be the standard procedure moving forward.


  • Why go cashless?
    • In an effort to enhance experience and safety, cashless improves transaction process, reduces wait times and limits guest to staff physical contact.
  • What areas will cashless affect?
    • Any transaction at a concession stands or merchandise stand inside the venue will become cashless.
  • Can I use cash at the box office?
    • Yes, cash is still accepted to purchase tickets at the box office.
  • Can I use other forms of payments, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay?
    • Yes, concession stands will accept mobile payments. (Merchandise stands may vary)

*NOTE: Some parking lots may only accept cash and are not affiliated with Simmons Bank Arena